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Magnet Puzzle Kids Educational Toys

This fun and beautiful magnetic puzzle game will greatly enhance your child's hand-eye coordination and intelligence. The toy is very easy to play with, when the children open the box, they can start immediately. We provide 8-10 cards to guide your child, and 56-92 magnet blocks.

In addition to having fun while playing, your child will also exercise his patience.


  • Material: Paper, Magnet
  • Weight: 30*21.5*4 cm
  • Recommended ages: 3Y+
  • Packaging includes:
    • Magnets Dressing, 10 outfit cards, 50 magnets
    • Magnets Activities, 10 cards, 92 magnets
    • Magnets Traffic, 8 vehicle cards, 59 magnets
    • Magnets Funny Faces, 8 face cards, 56 magnet