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About Us

The mission of velanystore is to provide the best children's educational toys to let your children grow up healthy and happy!

We believe that it is a arduous and annoying task to get great products to be liked by children, because there are a large number of creative providers and suppliers all over the world. Therefore, we launched our current product after a lot of research

We believe that high-quality children’s educational toys should be creative and innovative products to give children a favorite appearance and make them fall in love with our toys. And grow happily through these toys.

What makes us different
Quality is very important. When you buy high-quality products, you need high-quality standards. This is what we can provide.
  • Work closely with producers and manufacturers to maintain high standards
  • High-quality raw materials and attention to detail
  • Never cut corners

We know that you and your children will fall in love with our products. It is what we do to change the growth environment of children!


Business Address: No.340 JIAN SHE XI ROAD
YUEQING, Zhejiang, 325600

Email: sales@velanystore.com
Toll-free: +1(866)930-4419