Amethyst Opal Bracelet

We are supporting reforestation around the globe while inspiring individuals to work together for a greener &better planet.We plant1tree for each item sold on our store
Beautifully reflective and enchantingly luminescent, Kyocera Opal draws you in withits
striking array of colors.Like a kaleidoscopicOpal is known for its beautiful iridescence and
mesmerizing patterns.This delicatestone symbolizes purity and hopeGold is the color of
success and wealthIt is associatedwithprosperity compassion,and generosity.Wear this bracelet and feel a senseofoptimismenlightenmentand uplifting energy.Gold gives usthe confidence to reach our potential and prosper.
Natural Agate stones are known for their abilityto provide stability.With slow and steady energy these powerful stones are excellent for grounding Wear Agate stones during times ofimbalance when it feels like the yin andyang distribution within you is off.Natural Agate brings harmony back into all aspects oflifemind bodyandspirit
Hematite is a grounding and balancing stoneThis stone carries an energy that will stimulatethe mind.It enhances memory and evokes deep thought. Hematite stores hold highly protective energy and are good for those who need a boost of courage.The energy of Hematitehelps balancethe aura and align your chakras as it balancesthe mind,bodyand spirit.Mostimportantlyit strengthensour connection with theearth making us feel safe and secure.